September 2, 2013


The continuing saga of trying to catch up this blog over the past 15 months.  Our journey resumes in May.


May 7th: I found a guy locally that was selling his bee equipment so I called our friend Mike McMahon  an experienced beekeeper to go with me and evaluate the equipment. It was in excellent condition so we purchased enough boxes and supers to make two hives. Mike brought over some materials to construct frames to put in the boxes. Mike is a fantastic friend and  an "old hippie" to boot!

What's blooming:

Progress in the kitchen garden.

Danger Will Robinson!

May 18th:  Torrential rains and wind during the night brought down a large branch on one of the large oaks, which fell across the chicken fence. Fortunately it did not hit the coop. It did however requires a lot of cleaning up.

Old Friend

Saw our resident snake for the first time this year.

More blooming plants!

Vegetable garden update.
Staked the pole beans.

The corn is coming up nicely in the composted wood chips.

Expanding the garden bed and paths.

Chicken update:

Unfortunately, we lost Agador Spartacus to an apparent respiratory ailment so we have been without a rooster for about a month. We were given four chickens of which three turned out to be roosters. They turned out to be really ugly chickens which looked like a cross between a chicken and a turkey (churken). I found a really handsome New Hampshire Red rooster at the "Old Fart's Farm, so I traded the three ugly roosters for our new rooster "Newman".

The young chicks are doing great. We did lose one chick the second day we got them, but all the others have thrived. With the weather getting warmer we have been taking them outdoors for several hours everyday in a large dog crate. They are really funny and enjoy pecking the grass. 


May 24th:  Installed the pad today for the bee hives that we plan to transport early tomorrow morning. I found out that bees will not come out of the hive until the temperature reaches 57 degrees. Our plan is to confine the bees in the hive before it reaches that temp. and transport them in the back of my pickup truck. The hive has to be level and oriented towards the southeast to catch early morning sun. 

May 25th:  Our plan worked to perfection. The bees have been transported and the hives installed in their new home. We will check them in a week or so after they have had time to acclimate to their new surroundings.

Parting shot

Moonrise over the barn.

Due to the length of this post and all the pictures I will conclude this chapter of our journey from the past.  Stayed tuned for the next chapter to follow.

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