April 2, 2012

"Buddha has come home"

Recently we moved Buddha from our old house to his new home at "Southern Oaks".  The move was much easier than I anticipated and he arrived with little fanfare to his new resting place in the future garden which was previously a pasture.  I must admit he seems a lot smaller in his new home, but more in scale with his surroundings.  Good Karma!

 Speaking of Karma, we had a contract on our old house and garden nine days after it was listed and we closed on the sale this past Wednesday.  The young couple buying the house said they loved the house and the gardens and looked forward to making it their home.  We were happy to see our home go to such a great couple.  I had taken quite a few of my plants from the garden without changing the look and lushness of the garden.  Most of these plants were heirloom plants given to me by friends and relatives and I could not bear to part with them. 

I have not posted in quite awhile as we have been extremely busy trying to get everything moved and situated in the new house. We also had to move Cynthia's parents things from the lake and get them settled in their new quarters.  We have finally finished painting, installing appliances, repairing, and arranging inside, so I have been devoting most of my free time to the outside.  After we moved in one of the first things I bought was a tractor.  I found a Kubota locally that had everything I needed, a front-end loader,  bush hog, and a box blade. The front-end loader and bush hog have already been a life saver. 

The past couple of weeks I have been busy trying to establish new flower beds as there were none to speak of on the property. I rented a sod cutter and went to work. While I do not have anything against glass, I have much more than I need or want. I look forward to diminishing some of it for flower beds and plants.



Things are slowly but surely coming together. Dealing with the red clay soil has been challenging, requiring several truck loads of compost and topsoil in order to give the new plants a fighting chance. It will take awhile before the plants become acclimated to the new conditions. Keeping my fingers crossed.

I started this post on April 2nd,  but actually finished it on Apr. 30th.  I will update the progress made so far later this week.