August 14, 2011

"Pure Deck-a-dence"

  Well it is apparent that 'Buddha" was successfully removed from my truck and I am alive and well and still posting on this blog. I ended up resorting to Plan B and had the store where I obtained Buddha move him from my truck to a trailer. This will be his temporary home until his final resting place is determined.
                                                       Has Buddha turned his back on me?

Not much as been going on in the garden. It's been hotter than blue blazes and what time I've spent weeding, mowing, trimming and the other routine chores has resulted in significant loss of DNA from sweating profusely to the point of severe dehydration and near heat stroke.  As a result I've been doing these duties early mornings and late evenings.

The yard has always been my domain while Cynthia has domain over the deck plantings. I wanted to take this opportunity to "show off" her efforts this summer.

                          The area was brightened by painting an old chair glider a bright yellow.

                                                                   The Begonia Tree

                                                   Dragon-wing begonia and Foxtail Fern

                                                           Hostas and water feature

                                     A salvaged potato vine from last year. It bloomed this year!

                                                                  The Spiral Tower

                                                       Cast Iron Rooster plant hanger.

                                                        Our "one and only" Bonsai

Cynthia has done a wonderful job of planting and maintaining the container plants on the deck. It is such a joy to sit on the deck and feel like you're in a garden.  Kudos to my lovely wife!


Andrea said...

Hi David, i just came in by way of your comment somewhere. I browsed and fully read the tale of the Buddha trip. I've been laughing. I love that begonia one on top of the other, how did you do that?

David said...

Hi Andrea, thanks for visiting my blog. I have to say Buddha has presented several interesting problems, in fact a week after I borrowed my friend's trailer, he called and told me he needed it to loan to a mutual friend who was moving.(Prior to my borrowing it, he had not used it in a year!) I scrounged together enough friends and through some creative engineering tactics we were able to move Buddha to the driveway with no damage to Buddha or my friends. The Begonia tower is easy to make and you can find the plans for making one @ and type in Tipsy Pots in the search box. Thanks for your comments and for visiting. I will be sure to check out your blog. Best regards, David