June 7, 2011

"Don't you just love a bargain"

Over the weekend I made my weekly soujourn to my neighborhood Lowe's to pick up some gardening soil for my SWC's (self-watering containers) and just happened to walk by the plant clearance racks located at the far end of the plant center,  almost isolated from the rest of the plants as if they might contamination the other plants around them. I normally do not waste my time looking at them as most are literally on their "last legs" and only a miracle would resurrect them from certain death. However,  on this day I spied several plants that made me stop and examine more closely.  What I found were several plants that still looked good and healthy with prices reduced so drastically that even a person who has no place to plant them could not resist taking them home. So..... I did!

I ended up buying a Oleander for $3, two hellebores for $2 each, a 3 gallon and 1 gallon "Endless Summer" hydrangea for $4 for $1, a ponytail palm for $4, a 3 gallon peony for $4, and a Hibiscus for $6, and a Weigela "Wine and Roses" for $4.  As you can see, they are not the typical plants you normally find in the clearance rack. The retail value of the plants was $130, I paid $30. Anyway, I felt like Christmas had come early. "I love a good bargain".

The Weigela was not doing very well in the pot so I went ahead and planted it to reduce the stress and get it out of it's root bound pot. It perked right up!

Needless to say I will be checking back frequently for more "bargains" even though I have been threatened by my wife not to buy anymore plants.

Garden Update:

Everything is doing great with both the raised bed and the SWC's.  I picked the first pods of okra over the weekend and more are on the way. I don't expect the four okra plants to produce that much but they were the only plants available at the time and I bought them more to see if we liked the red okra and if so, I would save seed for next year and could plant a bigger crop. We did fry up what I harvested along with some regular okra we purchased at the store and it was very good.

The squash are in bloom and and should start producing soon.

                         The "rattlesnake" pole beans have tripled in size in the past two weeks.

The weekend project was to clear an area to plant all the heirloom tomato seedlings I've had in pots on the driveway.  Last year a friend of mine raised his tomatoes on  feedlot panels which come in 16 ft. lengths and varying heights. I choose the hog panel which comes in a 34" height with spacing large enough to pick the fruit.  I found them at "Tractor Supply" which is  now a "new" favorite store.  I used T posts to support the wire and zip ties to secure the panels to the posts. Next, I ran a soaker hose, planted the tomatoes , and put down mulch to retain moisture and impede weeds.

The SWC's are doing great.

A while back we bought a galvanized tub at an auction and decided it would make a nice planter.

Have a great week and check out the clearance racks!


Drew said...

Red okra? Never knew it existed !! Did it taste like normal okra?

greggo said...

Hey your galvanized elements are great. A preference for me. I understand about the tip from the spousal unit. She tries to keep me away from the stores. ha..

Carolyn ♥ said...

Yes I do! Love it when I find treasures in the "forgotten and forlorn" department of those big box stores. You did very well.