May 2, 2011

What's happening in the Garden

The past couple of weeks have been spent getting the beds ready for annual plants. The tulips and pansies have bid farewell for another year, replaced by plants more suited for the coming summer. The knockout roses are in full bloom and more than live up to their name.

            I pruned the knockout roses in Feb. and they have already doubled in size.

                                                             Clematis Jackmanii


                                                             Virginia Sweetspire

 Container plants
                               Dianella Golden Streak

                                                                     Solomon's Seal

                                                               Profusion Zinnias

                                                  Japanese Maple "Waterfall"

                                                         Eastern Redbud "Forest Pansy"
I have recently started planting hostas in containers which has worked really well and have actually performed better than those planted in the yard. I have quite a few in pots on the deck and also in the yard. Those in the yard are elevated in the pots which draws the eye to them and makes them stand out more in the landscape.

                                                              Hosta "Sum and Substance"




                                                                     Begonia Tower

 I spent part of the weekend constructing SWC's for my heirloom tomatoes thanks to EG of "Our Engineered Garden blog.  I am really excited to see how well this system works.  I also planted some squash in my Lasagna garden plot I started last year. I was amazed at the texture and richness of the soil and the presence of earthworms in the bed when I planted the squash.   I also planted one squash plant in the SWC to see how well it will do in a container planting.  Time will tell.

My garden helper this weekend was Polly our newest addition to the menagerie. She does a great job of keeping the chipmunk population under control.



Phillip Oliver said...

Everything looks great. That first photo is awesome!

David said...

Thanks Phillip, great hearing from you. Your garden looks fantastic as usual. The roses are absolutely stunning!

Unknown said...

Hey David, tell us the secret to the bucket tomato plants? We don't have an idea spot for a garden but we have MANY old HTH/ Chlorine buckets just waiting for such a venture!

David said...

Hey Steve, thanks for your interest. This is my first year to try the SWC (self watering container) method myself. EG at "Our Engineered Garden" blog has detailed instructions on how to construct the SWC's and has been doing it for some time now. I would recommend checking out his blog, it will be worth the time. My SWC's are a modified design using two buckets that I found on youtube. I would check to make sure the HTH/Chlorine buckets are safe for vegetables. Good luck and let me know how your venture turns out!