May 30, 2011

Anniversary weekend "getaway".

Last weekend our son got married and after two weeks of out of town guests/family and preparation for the wedding, we decided we needed to get away for a couple of days. So we packed up our things and headed out to our favorite beach getaway "The Driftwood Inn"  in Mexico Beach Florida. We found this place through some good friends of ours several years ago and he has become one of our favorite vacation places.  The Inn is victorian in style and reminiscent of architecture I've seen in the Caribbean Islands. It is surrounded by gardens which makes me feel "at home away from home" with lots of fountains and garden art throughout. It is owned by Peggy and Tom Wood.  Tom is an artist and his artistic influence is felt all around you.  Every October they host an Art and Wine Festival for local artists to display their art and to raise funds to purchase fireworks for the Mexico Beach fireworks display every year held by the Chamber of Commerce. The beaches are pristine and uncrowded. The rooms are quaint but large and have a kitchen, so meals can be prepared in the rooms and there are grills outside for grilling if you prefer.

                                                    Entrance to the Driftwood Inn


                                                           Beach side view

                                                     Garden view from the balcony

                                                                   Three swing gazebo

                                                             View from the gazebo

                                                               "The Mermaid Fountain"

                                                                     Other fountains

  I could post countless photos but I found this video which seems to sum it up nicely.

RECHARGE: Driftwood Inn -- Mexico Beach, FL from Reggie Giles on Vimeo.

When you check in the Driftwood Inn you are welcomed by "Huckleberry" the resident Great Dane who is the latest greeter in a long line of Great Danes that Peggy and Tom have owned over the years.
The Inn is pet friendly so bring your four legged family members with you.

                                                                  Tom Wood and Huckleberry

                                               My favorite piece of garden art

While we were there we took a day trip to Apalachicola and St. George Island. We had a nice lunch at a little restaurant/oyster bar called "The Hole in the Wall". Cynthia with "Sam" the resident cat who is cared for by everyone on the block.

                                             The hole in the wall had other surprises!

Several of the restaurants had herb gardens and vegetables in raised beds outside the restaurant.

As we left Apalachicola and headed for St. George Island we saw a charming little cottage garden that I just had to stop and take a picture.

On St. George Island we went to the Lighthouse that was originally built in 1833, moved and rebuilt in 1848, flattened by a gale in 1851 and rebuilt in 1852, stood until 2005 when it collapsed due to erosion in 2005 and moved and rebuilt by volunteers at it's current location in 2008.

      View from the top of the lighthouse showing bridge connecting Apalachicola to St. George Island.

Heading home today we stopped at a Bonsai place in Cottondale Florida we had seen for years but had never  stopped.  They are a great selection of bonsai with their oldest specimen a maple being 101 years old. I took several pictures of some of the most interesting ones. BTW, I did leave with a very nice juniper bonsai.

Our last stop was to take a picture of the giant metal chicken in Brundidge Al. It is in front of an Art shop on Hwy. 231.

Today, we celebrated our 36th wedding anniversary. Cynthia is the love of my life and also my best friend.


artypants said...

I want to go back to Mexico Beach!Your photos made me "homesick," Now that my grandparents' simple little cottage there has been torn down and replaced by a condo, the Driftwood is the next best place! We had fun last year. Are ya'll going back for the wine /art festival in October?

David said...

I doubt that we will be going during the festival, it is so crowded and it's hard to get a reservation unless you do it a year in advance. The swings are at a premium that weekend. We liked the one we went to but we enjoy it more when less crowded. We definitely want the group to go again this fall.

Nell Jean said...

Congratulations on a long successful marriage and Best Wishes to the newlyweds.

My mother's garden was to the northwest of yours, just south of Rome, GA. Peonies and Lilacs bloomed there and a host of Daffodils.

This is my first visit to your charming blog, found you on Blotanical.

David said...

Thanks Nell Jean for visiting my blog. I just registered with blogtanical today and am both surprised and pleased that it is already showing up. If you have a gardening blog please let me know and I will return the favor.

Donna said...

Hi David....I am actually trying to process you for Blotanical and need you to add the Blotanical banner to your blog can find the code at

once you get this done plz email me so I can finish your processing and get you started...I am excited to find your blog and am loving it...this post took me away and made me want to drift right in to this wonderful oasis...lovely...

Nell Jean said...

The magic of Blogger is that when you click on the names of commenters, you either get their blog or their profile page with links to their blog(s).

I think you will like Blotanical.

debbieaycockwilliamsphotographyandvignettes said...

I have enjoyed your site. Especially seeing all the beautiful plants and the trip to Mexico Beach. We passed by there coming from Louisiana going to Orlando several years ago. Love Florida gardens and love the beach.

David said...

Thanks Debbie for visiting. We love the Driftwood Inn at Mexico Beach. We love the area because it is not over developed and the laid back atmosphere. If you ever get the chance you should stay there sometime. Thanks again for your comments.

thailand holidays said...

I like the place in all. The lush garden and near the beach place is lovely indeed.

David said...

Thanks for visiting and for your comments. My brother has visited your Country several times and commented on how beautiful it is .

Romantic Florida Getaway said...

Congratulations to your son and now daughter-in-law. I don't think I can stress enough how breath-taking the Driftwood Inn looks from those pictures. My personal favorite is the patio. I can just imagine myself enjoying a nice cup of coffee there after a long day at the beach..

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