November 2, 2010

Funk Your Garden Photos

Needless to say I have not posted lately because the garden is looking haggard after a summer of excessive heat and prolonged periods of no rain.  Recently we went on vacation to Hawaii for ten days and returned to a withered, burned out, sun scorched garden.  It never occurred to me that it would not rain at least once while we were away and I forgot to tell our daughter to water the plants if it did not rain. I do not blame her in any way as she took wonderful care of the four dogs, three cats, and a fish tank while we were on vacation.  Apparently we had some of the hottest weather of the summer while we were away. Anyway, a lesson was learned that will be remember in the future.

This past weekend I planted 160 Tulip bulbs along with some pansies on both the deck and in the beds with the tulips. I plan to plant a 100 daffodil bulbs this coming weekend.  I've also been cleaning out some beds and doing some tidying up before the weather turns cold.

Recently I found a website that allow you to put an artistic twist to photos. It is a really fun website that is free but can be upgraded for a small  monthly fee.  The website is   Here a few photos from  gardens that I played with  and wanted to share.

                                                                               Water Lillies

                                                                      Garden Bench

                                                                             Tree Sculpture

                                                                    Wind Sculpture



                                                                        The  Bridge

                                                                       Cat in the Arbor

This is a fun program and allows you to use your imagination and put a different twist on your photos. I personally like the effect above which makes your photo look like a painting with an impressionist flair. 
Anyway, give it a try.